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#GLH2020 Finalists

  • Location
    Project Description
  • Brazil - Porto Alegre
    It is a digital platform that helps the elderly to enforce their rights by proposing journeys that solve their problems.
  • Brazil - Rio de Janeiro
    A platform to track the time spent by lawyers in court hearings, something with a logic similar to that of the Waze app. Is good to say that all judicial data is public and available here in Brazil.
  • Canada- Toronto
    Team AmI
    Helping high-growth Enterprise SaaS companies navigate the data governance compliance process for sale into the US market.
  • Germany - Cologne
    Platform to create a transparent process for employee mobility. Employers and candidates struggle to navigate administrative hurdles, while the necessity of getting skilled workforce from other countries into your firm is more important than ever.
  • Hungary - Budapest
    Food Fighters
    The Food Fighters team created Claimables (previously called Nutricheck) to help food companies operating in the EU to be compliant with the EU regulations when creating their product labels and advertisements.
  • Nigeria - Lagos
    Case Board
    A cloud based unified and collaborative platform for lawyers and administrative staff in a law firm to effectively manage their cases and activities. So stakeholders can view their cases any day , anytime and on any device..
  • Poland - Warsaw
    SlothEye is a tool to evaluate IT projects in terms of compliance - it's integrated with popular agile project management tools (e.g. Jira). The solution, based on data from these programs and repositories, automatically analyzes the project for compliance with IP, GDPR or NDA requirements, including helping to manage licenses for the source code.
  • Romania - Bucharest
    Legal Surfers
    Cookie Surf is an innovative tool that boosts cookies’ acceptance rate in a transparent and creative way. On one hand, it helps worldwide website publishers to be fully compliant by presenting their cookies policy in a very interactive and easily understandable manner. On the other hand, it fully discloses to the user the legal consequences of their consent, i.e. what is happening to their data, while enhancing the user’s online experience.
  • Spain - Madrid
    A LegalTech solution to facilitate access to justice. This will be done by a Third Party Finance platform in which we publish feasible legal actions (rating them from a legal point of view) and we give the chance to investors to finance these. Both parties will share a potential compensation in a percentage that will vary depending on how feasible this process was.
  • United Kingdom - Manchester
    We want to standardise student tenancy agreements to enable students, landlords and universities to better understand their rental agreements and therefore better understand their rights when dealing with issues that arise during tenancy. Our app idea will use imagery and simple language to explain key clauses in contracts, it will also allow digital completion and management of a contract as well as a platform to seek advice and manage issues with landlord throughout the tenancy. .
  • USA - Salt Lake City
    Post in Peace
    Using our extension, content creators can check copyright information and regulatory information about sponsorships and giveaways. Using the premium capabilities, our extension can monitor posts live to warn users of possible regulatory infringements as they post.
  • USA - St. Louis
    We created IdeaFlight to help fill the gap in capital venture investment opportunities. IdeaFlight is a way for those from underrepresented groups to gain access to the legal and business knowledge necessary to pitch an idea to an investor.

Inclusivity Challenge Finalists

  • Location
    Project Description
  • Brazil - Belo Horizonte
    Law Libras
    Tool that translates Libras into Portuguese, orally or in writing, by identifying facial expression and identifying 21 hand points. Enabling complete and efficient translation.
  • Brazil - Fortaleza
    An on-demand communication webapp, which integrates public or private entities with hearing impaired people through digital conferences mediated by interpreters.
  • Germany - Cologne
    Crowdfund your rights! Jufund is the first crowdfunding platform specialized on financing legal rights issues. Find supporters for your lawsuit, match with a lawyer and win your case. If you receive a refund of the legal costs, it'll be split between your supporters and you, creating a win-win situation for everyone. If your case is lost, your supporters will receive a donation receipt.
  • Poland - Warsaw
    Immigration management system.
  • Spain - Madrid
    Our salary visualization data science software discovers biases and behavior models and helps HR to discover and understand inequality situations in the company, proposing a corrective model that learns to be more effective in results and time.
  • United Kingdom - London
    The Magic Box
    The Magic Box is a work allocation tool using blind matching between partners and associates on a case by case basis. The aim is to use work allocation as a means to initiate inclusion and promote diversity.
  • United Kingdom - Manchester
    B.R.A.V.E is a not-for-profit web-based service that offers 24-hour support to the homeless population who have been affected by domestic violence in terms of finding housing support, legal advice and mental health counselling. We aim to simplify access to the key applications required for these sections of society that are often underrepresented, especially those without the immigration status required to claim benefits.
  • USA - Los Angeles
    "Esq. A.I." is a fully voiced legal program in 45+ languages that dynamically completes almost any legal and non-legal procedures (medical, business, government, etc.) without needing any internet to function. This program was built for the disability community; and with accessibility standards built into its design, almost anyone can use "Esq. A.I." The development of the “Auto-Generator Module” allows for the generation of fully-voiced programs through a word file in 2-3 hours.
  • USA - Portland
    Team BOSS
    Our technology helps level the playing field of direct democracy by making it easier and more cost-effective to run petition campaigns.
  • USA - St. Louis
    We created IdeaFlight to help fill the gap in capital venture investment opportunities. IdeaFlight is a way for those from underrepresented groups to gain access to the legal and business knowledge necessary to pitch an idea to an investor.
  • USA - University Park
    Penn State Law
    VAR aims to (1) help employees understand the terms of their contracts and learn about how legal changes affect their business; (2) introduce them to third-party funding; and (3) provide a third-party and anonymous reporting mechanism, where employees can file grievances and receive a report that indicates whether individuals in the same company have filed similar grievances. We are VAR, working on behalf of everyday employees and women in the workplace who do not have access to legal resources.