What is the Challenge ?

GLH weekend coincides with International Women’s Day (March 8). In honor of this confluence of events and in recognition of the importance of increasing involvement and leadership of women and diverse individuals in the world’s legal industry, the Global Legal Hackathon has partnered with RSG Consulting, She Breaks the Law, and BCLP to launch a new challenge and award for GLH 2020.

“Participants and teams around the world, in every Global Legal Hackathon city, are challenged to invent new ways to increase equity, diversity, and inclusion in the legal industry.”

Local Winners

Along with competing in your local host city, you can submit your solution in the inclusivity challenge. Your solution will still eligible under the two main judging categories public/private benefit. This will be judged virtually.

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Global Finalists

Every inclusivity submission  will  be judged  in a virtual round (the semi-finals). A panel of distinguished judges will select the finalists, who will be invited to the Global Legal Hackathon Finals & Gala, which will take place in London in early May.

Global Winners

The global winner of the GLH Inclusivity Challenge will be announced at the Global Legal Hackathon Finals & Gala. The global winner, as well as the global finalists, will be invited to a diversity and inclusion “summit” that BCLP is planning to host in September.

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