The Financial Times Innovative Lawyers – Global Legal Hackathon Challenge

April 27 – May 22| Worldwide

“To unleash the talent and creativity of the world’s legal industry to collaboratively innovate solutions to the most pressing legal, regulatory, and civil society challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis that is currently engulfing the world.”

Be Part of the Solution

Join us to tackle Covid-19 problems.


Collecting Challenges from corporations, non-profits and governmental organizations worldwide

Create Solutions

Form legal and tech teams to solve the challenges


Publish the solutions created by the teams worldwide

A Global Challenge

Today, with the COVID-19 crisis forcing businesses, governments, legal systems and individuals in every jurisdiction to confront challenges of greater scale, complexity, and severity than most have ever faced, we call upon legal innovators in every country on every continent to help develop solutions to the urgent legal and related business, government and social problems facing the world.






Who’s Invited?

Organizations of every type, from every country, are invited to submit urgent challenges that they have identified, which may relate to their industry, their country, or the world. Participants in the hackathon will then form teams to develop solutions to the challenges, which will be made available for public review at the conclusion of the event. Businesses, governments, non-profits, and law firms may then elect to offer support and resources to advance the solutions developed by the hundreds of teams. The overall objective is to harness the collective capability, energy and innovation of the world’s legal industry to support communities, governments, and industries during this global emergency.

Challenges from Organizations


Build digital education and communication solution to help Foreign Domestic Workers.


Reconsider the core purpose of a contract and whether changes are needed to meet that purpose.

Deloitte Legal

Reconsider the core purpose of a contract and whether changes are needed to meet that purpose.

Hogan Lovells

Advancing the UN SDG for a post-Covid19 world

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An organization can contribute a challenge related to the COVID-19 Crisis. After review, your challenge will be published for all participants to on.

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