What is GROWL ?

Global Rise Of Women in LegalTech

As part of the 2019 Global Legal Hackathon (GLH), we are launching the Global Rise Of Women in LegalTech (“GROWL”) initiative to support up-and-coming women leaders in legal innovation around the world. GROWL will be fully integrated with this year’s hackathon, providing an enhanced track for women-led teams.

Why is GROWL important?

Research shows that women tend to approach problem solving differently than men, typically in a more collaborative and social way, talking through the problem, discussing the situation in detail, and collaborating effectively with a complex array of stakeholders. As the legal industry evolves to become more responsive to client requirements for innovation and value, women are ideally suited to lead the legal innovation movement around the world.

How does GROWL work?

A globally-located panel of senior women leaders in the legal industry drawn from The Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa, will support the hundreds of women-led teams expected to participate in #GLH2019 with an unprecedented global network of mentors, tools, and resources to accelerate and amplify their efforts to evolve and improve the world’s legal industry. Participation is voluntary, and there is no cost.


Get Involved in GROWL

Be a Mentor

Recommend senior women in your organization as potential mentors. GROWL will curate the recommendations and invite the selected women to be mentors. If selected, the time commitment for the mentor is 4 hours only (at a time slot of their convenience), to provide guidance to women led teams during the Global Legal Hackathon (February 22-24, 2019)

Appoint a Coordinator

Identify a coordinator in your organization who will be the single point of contact with the GLH and GROWL teams to identify additional women from the firm (and from clients and vendors) to participate in the hackathon, sign up to be a member of GROWL, share tools and resources provided by with the GLH team and host local events and webcasts. The expected time commitment for the coordinator from now until the hackathon is approximately 10 hours.

Host #GLH2019

If your organization would like to play a more prominent role in the Global Legal Hackathon, you can host one or more venues of the hackathon and serve as the organizer for the legal community in cities where your organization has a significant presence. Hosting provides a unique opportunity to engage with typically 75-150 legal industry leaders in each city for an entire weekend and gain exposure throughout the world.

Invite Women

The Global Legal Hackathon is the largest legal technology innovation event in the world, and GROWL was created to maximize the participation and impact of women leaders. Identify and invite women in your organization to form and lead teams to participate in the hackathon. GROWL will work with your organization to help prepare women participants. Encourage female professionals to register for the hackathon at a location that is most convenient to you.